Monday, March 27, 2006

The Art of Debate

Im presently listening to the debates of the Vigan City Council regarding the proposed ordinance regulating beerhouses, videoke bars within the city. Well, the deliberation for this proposed measure have been for months now. I supposed the members of the Council have not yet expressed what they really want. Actually they have been in the period of amendments for how many sessions. They ended the period of debate but, it seems to me they are still in the period of debate, because they are still arguing. People really has the hard time making theirmind. Every session, they have something new to say. well if that will be the case, theres a possibility that the original proposal will be totally changed into a new one.

Hmmm, I heard a great statement from one of the City Councilors, "to have a more Liberal Rules". Gong! Reminded me of my workshop at FNF. I just wished I talked more during that seminar.

Going back, the continuous and seemed infinite debates of the Council on the proposed ordinance, come to think about it is just the way of expressing what they have in mind, to improve the proposed measure. its not surprising because they are legislators. They have always something new to say. They are just being Liberal right, expressing their ideas. But I am not saying that they can debate forever. There's always a bottomline of course and I hope that is soon.

I know that listening to debates and arguments might be boring to someone, actually in reality its boring to most people. I admit, I am too is quite bored. Not until I have discovered the beauty of it, what can I say, for almost 3 years now I have been a witness to different types of arguments and debates. Name it, arguments that are really significant and catchy up to to arguments that are totally out of order. Its exhausting really to hear debates. You'll have a cognitive overload- a feeling that your brain cells cant take anymore additional information. Info toxification kumbaga.

But, during these debates, whether these are sensible or senseless, that a certain measure is being crafted to perfection. It is in this process that loopholes and the weakness of a proposed measure are being identified. Aside from this, it is also where proposals are being presented to address the weaknesses and fill up the loopholes.

Lets face it, debate or argument is something that we can't avoid. Its not only in the plenary that there are debates or arguments. In our daily life, we always argue on something. In every decision we make, we argue and debate.

Then I can say, DEBATES are not BORING after all.


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