Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Day of Blogging

At 7:00 Am I left my best friend's house in Baclaran to attend the workshop on blogging and podcasting sponsored by FNF. As I was in the MRT and while riding ib the jeepney, I was already thinking on what to expect, who are the participants and what activities are we going to do. About 8:30 am, I finally arrived at the office of FNF, which seems to me is not an office but a residential house.

Minute by minute my fellow participants started to arrive. Then the workshop finally started with Dr. Meinardus welcoming us and gave a backgrund and objectives of the workshop. And well, with an instant acitivity, with the question why blog? The early discussions enligtened me regarding blogging. The next activities, with Manolo discussing on the essentials of blogging, the actual process on creating a blog, I slowly had in a sense, well should I say had already an overview on blogging.

After a day with blogging, well I consider myself as a blogger.Hmmm, sounds really cool, although for me the term blogger seems to sound a negative connotation (like smuggler or robber), but, definitely not.

I'm impressed with the presentations and lectures done by expert bloggers, Manolo Quezon who right now I consider as the King of Blogs. With their expertise, I was able to learn technical terms that I never heard before, regarding blogging, pointers on how to create a blog,a real blog, not like my friendster blog i which I believe is not a blog anyway.

This day is enriching for me. Im looking forward in learning what's in with us tomorrow.


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