Thursday, March 16, 2006

Game na Game Na!

After absenting from work for a day because of fever and colds plus dry cough, Im back to work. Got a lot things to do. Got to Submit articles and pictures for the Manila Times-Barangay News-Vigan Edition, a lot of reading and researching regarding proposed legislative measures, plus reviewing for my stat exam on saturday. Sounds like Ill be having an exciting weekend huh.

But yesterday, I had the chance to just lie down and relax while watchin' tv. Well not quite, because I had to finish the article for the barangay news so that I could send it today., I hope. But hey, I got the day off.
What's the latest buzz on tv? Well nothing new, the same old never ending korea novelas, game shows, talk shows, reality shows, movie marathon in HBO. cinemax, star movies, wow wow channels and of course the pinoy tagalog movies channel. With these line up. I end up watching the famous game show, Game na Game na! I found it interesting because the contestants were badings. But hey not ordinary badings, because they are really gorgeous! Even prettier than the host, Krissie.
Their looks were deceiving. For a first timer who would see them would be fooled that they are really a woman. Well aside from the fact that they had undergone a series of surgeries just to have a woman's body, I guess, they are really a woman because their heart beats like a woman, and that is what makes a person a woman.
I wonder, why do man who was born to be a man, wants to be a woman. Why didn't they developed as a woman while still in the womb of their mother? Is it in the genes? Is it hereditary? Or its just their destiny to be one?
In my own point of view, I think they are destined to become a woman. It is where their heart is. It is where contentment and happiness lie. And the existence of gays proves that a woman is as powerful as a man, as influential as a man.
Later I thought, was the episode a part of the celebration of the Womens Month? Hmmm, what do you think?


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