Friday, March 10, 2006

Let's Podcast Amici!

My stomach is full after having a very, very satisfying italian lunch, courtesy of amici de don bosco. I'm still in the process of digesting what I ate and still deciphering what we had discuss this morning. Podcasting is much complicated than blogging. I was confused with its technicalities, the terms and the process of producing a podcasts. Thanks to the food, my brain started to digest and absorb the concepts discussed.

Come the production of our podcast. I belong to the talk show group. I immediately volunteered to do the intro part because I'm not really a speaker. Fortunately I got the part. After discussing the flow of our discussion on how to promote liberalism, we had the chance to be recording stars and it was really fun. Although I must admit I mumbled some of the words and the tone of my voice was, I must say, monotonous.Please bear with me because its really my first time! I still had to do some practicing, practice makes perfect. Well, I guess I had to do it myself now.

After requesting for extra minutes, and extra minutes to edit our podcasts, we presented them and come the critiques on what we have done.And RM expressed the strenghts and weaknesses of every group, but in the end, he congratulated us for a job well done. Thanks Dr. Meinardus!

The two days workshop was really an enriching experience for me. As 2 days ago, I have no idea on what blogging and podcasting are. Now, I know how tom create a blog and well even though with its technicalities, I, with the help of Mr. Racoma and my gang on Liberal Gong (teresa, ray, councilor Peter and Chris), produce a podcast.

Looking forward to introducing these high tech communication tools in my hometown Vigan..Kudos to Friedrich Naumann Foundation for this wonderful workshop!


Blogger peterlavina said...

Hello Ema,

What an experience we had! I have learn more tricks on my own and have started posting at Abe's

Hope to visit Vigan soon.

Daghang salamat,

Councilor Peter

11:06 AM  

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