Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pride of Filipinos - the Heritage City of Vigan

Its been months since I posted a blog. Dr. RM would not be happy about this. My excuse would be that lack of time and well inspiration that stimulate my brain to produce an article. But hey, now I am posting again.

For the past 5 months, a lot of issues have been introduced. The war between Hezbollah and Israel, the oil spill, the never ending quest to impeach GMA, the world cup, etc. Actually the topic that I would like to talk about right now is none of the abovementioned. For a change I will be talking about the Solidarity Day Celebration of the
Heritage City of Vigan.

Every September 8, the City of Vigan is celebrating together with the other World Heritage Cities in the World the Solidarity Day. FYI this day is the day the people of Vigan renew our pledge to continue protecting the rich heritage of our city.

Several activities were launched to celebrate this occasion. A parade bagged as the "Repazzo de Vigan" was held wherein barangay officials from the 39 barangays, students and nongovenment organizations depict the kind of life of the BigueƱos (term for the people of Vigan) during the pre-war, war and post war periods. This is not just an ordinary "foot parade". The participants are acting while walking that is, like a musical only in the streets. Thanked God the rain did not pour yet during the parade. After, it rained.

Another acitivity is the "Visita Museo" for the elementary students. The purpose of which is to instill in the young minds the importance of protecting Vigan with the ultimate goal of loving Vigan and being proud of it.The rationale of it is that how can you protect something that you don't love, so here in Vigan we are trying to educate the young about their beloved town so that in the future they will have the sense of pride that would lead them to continue protecting and preserving the Heritage City of Vigan.

These are noble activities which aims at injecting a sense of pride to the people of Vigan. However, in my personal point of view, many Biguenos do not have yet the sense of pride. There are still those who are not aware of the importance of Vigan in the world and don't have the passion and love to Vigan.

Hopefully, the solidarity day which is held every year would eventually, through the years instill real PRIDE to being a Bigueno. It takes a lot of political will and participation from different sectors to truly realized this goal but I know we can achieved this. Because being proud of our cultural heritage gives us identity not only as Bigueno but also as Filipinos!


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